The Good Father - My Choices Mini Doc

A short documentary set in Telangana, India. A father goes to extreme lengths to save his daughter from sex traffickers.

The Space Between

When a young man moves into a new house with his girlfriend, he begins to envision their relationship through the window.

FIRE TATS - Aries Rhysing 

10 part mini doc series about Tatoo Artists

Winds of Change - God of Love 

A vampiric music video that I directed, produced, shot and edited.


When a bike courier delivers a mysterious package, it leads her to an unexpected world that makes her question what is real.

12 Deadly Days - Youtube Red

I recently directed the opening title sequence for Youtube Red's first original series "12 Deadly Days." Check it out below:

Dirge to Earth and Sky - The Colour

A classic sci-fi inspired music video.

Stone and People - Mini Doc/Teaser

Ongoing Anthropological Project about the indigenous people and archaeology at Saqsaywaman, Peru. Onsite Expeditions Productions.

Shawn Mendes - Lost in Japan - Spotify Event

30-second Spotify social media event video filmed in Beverly Hills.

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